10 Cooking Skills I Wish I Had Known...

10 Cooking Skills I Wish I Had Known…
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10 Cooking Skills I Wish I Had Known…
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Todays video is all about reflecting on the early days in my cooking career when I was just getting my chops in the kitchen. What were those vital skills I was missing at the time that would have made much a better cook. We’ll today you going to find out with the 10 most important skills I’ve learned over the last decade of my cooking career!

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  1. Wow! Last comment was some two years ago. Love your channel…thank you SO MUCH for sharing these super helpful tips. I am 55 and have been adding "guilty pleasures" to my life in the last two years. Marriage and divorce can be really tough. Anyway, cooking is def something that I love and your channel helps me bring back all the skills that I had when I was a younger man. These 10 tips are a great reminder. Bringing cooking back (sing that to JTs awesome song…..LOL).

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