10 Plus Size Fashion Tips | Marste

10 Plus Size Fashion Tips | Marste
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10 Plus Size Fashion Tips | Marste
Website is now live!!
Happy Fashion Friday!
Each Friday I’ll be posting some things on fashion while posting makeup videos on Makeup Mondays!
I will post an official announcement video later explaining Marste. I decided to start this business because I was tired as a plus size woman not having great quality items that were comfortable and fit me well. My goal is to provide high quality pieces that fit everyone, are comfortable, and are made in a fair trade facility where workers are treated fairly. More info on that soon!
Have an amazing weekend! Thank you all SO much for your continued love and support- I treasure each of you and hope you get to be part of this journey with me.
xoxo, Marlena


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  1. Isn't it odd to have step two be "embrace your curves" right after telling us to wearing compression under garments that can cinch us in up to 2 dress sizes. I'm going to write this video off as outdated advice because so far all the tips feel more geared toward guiding plus size women ways to fake skinniness or hide their "fatness"…

  2. The big mistake that this host made (and a lot of women do) is to have the robe or a blazer that is wide open almost fully exposing the chest, it creates a heavy, huge top look. All the jackets, cardigans, etc must be pulled closed to the middle of the chest. Another absolutely necessary thing is the stitched up sleeve, preferably with small shoulder pads, it creates a beautiful structured silhouette and immediately slims down visually. Never droopy sleeve, it accentuates big arms.
    And WHY would you put a belt on a big belly? To draw the attention to it? Horrible advice

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