10 Reasons Why Switching to iPhone is a NIGHTMARE

10 Reasons Why Switching to iPhone is a NIGHTMARE
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10 Reasons Why Switching to iPhone is a NIGHTMARE
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In this video, I bring out very very delicate and subtle user experiences that you will completely miss on the latest iPhones which are actually considered very basic in the world of #Android #iPhone14Pro #galaxys22ultra

00:00 Intro
00:17 No Back Button or Gesture
00:51 Poor Call Management
01:09 No Call Recording & T9 Dialing
01:50 Call Switching Nightmare
02:37 Inferior Typing Experience
03:06 No Clipboard
03:26 No Fingerprint Unlock
03:48 Poor Whatsapp Experience
04:43 No PIP Video Calling
05:12 No Scrolling Screenshots
05:44 Smaller Everyday Issues
06:29 Final Thoughts

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