10 Video Game "Remakes" That Changed EVERYTHING

10 Video Game “Remakes” That Changed EVERYTHING
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10 Video Game “Remakes” That Changed EVERYTHING
Is it a “remake” if you did something completely different??

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  1. The remake that has pissed me off is the Warcraft 3 Reforged. Blizzard only made it because they messed up the storylines and created the Reforged to fix what they broke in the lore. I wouldn't normally mind this however they made it to where if you had the original Warcraft 3 it auto upgraded when you turned on your blizzard launcher. Final Fantasy 7 remake was a decent game and it was fun for what it was. It isn't what old school gamers wanted when we talked about a remake. We wanted the same storyline with upgraded graphics and updated sound. Instead we got a game completely changed from the original. Still it was a fun game.

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