10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of October 2022

10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of October 2022
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10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of October 2022
October 2022 saw no shortages of weird stories in the gaming news world.
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  1. I won't even touch OW2. I purchased OW1 twice at full price. I knew what I was buying both times. And now those purchases are not the same game or same experience.

    My time used to matter in that game. I could play, get better, and get all sorts of cosmetics at the same time, oh and have access to every character without having to do anything special to get them . . . like buy a season pass -_-

    It's not the same game I bought twice . . . at full price. And I can't play the games I bought, not really.

    Cannot believe how money grabbing Bl . . . oh right . . . yes I can -_-

  2. I forgot about Sasha Grey till now but totally agree with your conclusion: an actress playing a role.

    I imagine the current youth sees worse stuff than most of us did at their age…(on their phones). and of course, some of us seen worse shit on computers than our parents did in magazines/tv. and so forth, as technology advances thus does porn accessibility.

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