12 iPhone Tricks You Can Use Everyday - Who Knew!

12 iPhone Tricks You Can Use Everyday – Who Knew!
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12 iPhone Tricks You Can Use Everyday – Who Knew!
I have many people around me using te iPhone and when I showed them a few of these tricks – they had no idea! I decided to make another video to get these out to you guys.

My iPhone case:

20 More iPhone Tips and Tricks You Should know:

Search On Shortcut Link:
Extract PDF Shortcut Link:

In this video
00:00 Direct Search in Any App
00:37 Close All Tabs in One Shot
00:49 Wikipedia in Photos
01:12 Super Search & Captions in Photos
01:58 Extract PDF Pages
02:27 Anti Theft Tip 1
02:46 Anti Theft Tip 2
03:08 Camera Functions – Easy Access
03:32 Camera Shutter Multi-Role
03:53 Handwriting to Digital Text
04:18 Restricted Phone Access
05:05 In-Built Translator

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