150-Hour Chocolate Cake

150-Hour Chocolate Cake

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150-Hour Chocolate Cake
A good chocolate cake shouldn’t need this long, but I enjoy taking my time. This one has a rich chocolate mousse, brown butter espresso, infused honey bourbon, hot chocolate cake soak, and about 5 million bars of chocolate.

Cake recipe adapted from:
Claire King & Scott Loitsch:
Inga Lam:

Chocolate Mousse recipe by Cooking Tree:


music by City Girl
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Echo of A Rose
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Other music:
Ballerina – Yehezkel Raz
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My video style is heavily inspired by Asian vlog channels I admire, such as Zoe, Cat’s Kitchen, haegreendal, HidaMari Cooking, EMOJOIE Cuisine, Nino’s Home, Cooking Tree, Wife’s Cuisine, and more. Please check them out!

Thank you for watching.

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  1. I watched this over the course of two days because I wanted to really view it in concentration and quiet. It's one of the best things I have ever seen online. The music, the ASMR sounds, the background of the kitchen and your wonderful silent commentary. Baking grandios cakes and enjoying the sound of rain and the warm of sunshine and taking a whole week to make this recipe for your friends – thats what life is all about for me. Thank you for sharing this with us, it is utterly comforting and wonderful and now I want to bake something for my friends. But they're coming over tomorrow so not this cake 🤭

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