2022 Starts With A CENTURY 💪 The Perfect Start! Cricket Highlights Horley vs Crawley Eagles

2022 Starts With A CENTURY 💪 The Perfect Start! Cricket Highlights Horley vs Crawley Eagles
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2022 Starts With A CENTURY 💪 The Perfect Start! Cricket Highlights Horley vs Crawley Eagles
2022 is here and we continue in fine style. Due to our new players we decided we wanted some stiff competition for our pre season friendlies some which will test our new look 1st XI.

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  1. What an example your opening 100 not out batmen should scoring and then offering his wicket to someone else what an example any cricket sportsman could follow well done I do not know what is greater or better the 100 not out or given another batmans a chance to bat what an example well well well done!!!!
    If your batsman could just keep batting as simple as that many runs will follow from that fine batting blade this season and many runs for your camera man to comment and caputure on digital film and youtube.
    If any tip could be given to your batsman then only this every time you get to 50 then onto 100 and the onto 150 not out and maybe this could be done by training the mind and body like when batting you get to 50 and retake your batting guard and start again as if you were batting again from the score of zero and building an innings and ignore your past 50 run and acknowlgde it as if it did not happen.
    And when you get to 100 you retake your guard and start again as if you were on zero and only build from there only.
    And as long as you know were your feet are against the wicket and never get a rush or panic to panic strike the ball you should stay around for length of time.
    So train your mind and body roll playing I am on Zero and need to build from there and keep a simple batting techinque you can find many sporting memories and achivement will follow.
    So at home on your own practice with the bat telling your self play the straight one defending and leaving the wide ones ealy on in tour until your used to the pace of the pitcth the pace of a new on coming bolwer and conditions and play shot you know you strike that are only safe for your technique your batsman deserve a chance to score runs and i hope this may help in some way.
    Thanks for your time to film this and give the watching community to watch and here and there help well well well DONE!!!!

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