Alien: Isolation Review

Alien: Isolation Review
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Alien: Isolation Review
Alien Isolation is an immersive survival horror game about avoiding both a xenomorph and the Amazon Basics version of people.
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00:00 – Intro
00:36 – Issues & Fixes
02:07 – Game Premise
03:45 – Visuals
08:35 – Music & Sound Design
13:50 – Gameplay Mechanics
29:45 – Story & Pacing (SPOILERS)
34:35 – Conclusions
35:38 – Credits
36:50 – Express Elevator

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  1. This game REALLY shows how freaking hard it is to make realistic humans. If it isn't a fleshy person, the game could have come out eight months not eight years ago. When Samuels first appeared, I went "oh he's an Android, you can tell" and then Ripley takes he welding mask off and I realized, nah, that's just faces look like.

  2. One thing that always sold the atmosphere for me wasn't the loud, bombastic moments. It's those quiet moments when you're clearing an area of resources knowing full well that it's only quiet where you are because a 10 foot tall monster just got done making everyone there it's midnight snack. Great game.

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