Alien vs Predator Riffed Movie Review

Alien vs Predator Riffed Movie Review

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Alien vs Predator Riffed Movie Review
Based on the comic, AVP clashes two franchises. Like McDonalds vs Burger King.
Is it as tasty?


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  1. I'm in this for the cat and the jokes. The movie is… not good. Not entertaining at all. Shlock used to be fun in the 80s, but the 00s just completely ruined everything about this genre. It's all just boring, repetitive and doesn't bring anyone any joy in watching people get slaughtered.

    That cat is criminally cute, btw.

  2. My favorite Pumpkinhead/Trainspotting crossover film. Also, the only Pumpkinhead/Trainspotting crossover film. 😅

    It's not a good movie, but it's fun. My favorite part is the "Oh fuck!" face the predator makes when the alien queen sneaks up behind him.

    I've seen AVP Requiem and I've seen a fan edit that is the predator coming to earth to chase down the predalien and kill xenos. It's only 27 minutes long, but so much better than the proper film.

    Looking forward to seeing the Newbee review of AVPR.

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