Aliexpress vs Best Buy Gaming PC Pre-Built Showdown

Aliexpress vs Best Buy Gaming PC Pre-Built Showdown

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Aliexpress vs Best Buy Gaming PC Pre-Built Showdown
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I went and bought a Best Buy gaming pre-built and locked it in a room with the Aliexpress pre-built.

Link to the Aliexpress system (Not affiliated):

Link to Best Buy System (Not Affliated):

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  1. just saying a psu is crap because you've not heard of the brand is a bit silly, there is a lot of brands that dont really sell to north america that do sell in europe and asia which are very good. 1st player make cases and use a decent oem for their psu's. they are owned by a psu oem that make them for lian li, so not that bad

  2. Seeing all these bad pre-built PC videos makes me really happy I managed to snag a great deal from Amazon for a Cyberpower PC that was $1550, but came with a 4070 15gb, an AMD 7 7700, a 1tb m.2 SSD, and 16GB of DDR*5*. My only issues with it was the 16gb number, but that was remedied by me buying another stick for 32GB total, and the lack of a USB-C port in the back. The case, an Eluna 241V case, has…interesting cooling on the left side of the PC, and while I'm not entirely unsure just how good the cooling's going to be in the coming Summer, it's been keeping everything pretty nice at 50C-ish when gaming for the GPU and about 70C for the CPU, which I guess is okay given that it's air-cooled.

    The case has options to slap some fans on top of it if I want more or if I wanna slap on a water-cooling system instead, so overall I'm happy with the purchase (especially since my 6 year old system was a Cyberpower system too). It's amazing to me that there are so many bad pre-builts out there and yet I was able to get a good one that slipped through the gaps, and get this: Amazon or Cyberpower must've realized what they were offering for $1550, and raised the price to $2K, so I really got lucky here.

    EDIT: The OS install was also incredibly clean with no bloatware or added anti-virus aside from what Windows comes with, so more points there.

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Win iPhone 14 100% Free ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ

Win iPhone 14 Free Online

100% Safe & Secure No Spam๐Ÿ‘๏ธ