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All About Saba Ki Mehndi | Theme Decor | Menu
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All About Saba Ki Mehndi | Theme Decor | Menu
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Music: Wander
Musician: @iksonmusic


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  1. If u dont kno the whole story its better to zip up your lips
    They are just presenting u the content 😡
    Neither they allowed anyone to enter inside the mehndi mela nor they clicked pictures wd anyone
    Also they stopped everyone from clicking pictures or making vlogs becz if people make vlogs their views effect on their channel and this actually they dont want becz their perspective is only if publicity
    Also also also they dont even respect their father side family neither involved them much in the functions only and only Naha khala beti khala and so called rehan riza sara ( theses three have so much attitude that they also dont took pictures wd anyone )
    Don’t think people are good if they present themselves good to u
    They are presenting fake love for the sake of publicity
    Saba is such a bitch that she dint took pictures wd anyone only their closed ones

    Now u r good mrning bough to understand 🙄🙄

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