All Contestant Medley | Hustle 2.0

All Contestant Medley | Hustle 2.0
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All Contestant Medley | Hustle 2.0
Song: Medley
Performer: MC Headshot, Super Manikk, Wicked Sunny, UK Rapi Boy, Panther, GD 47, RHYME, Khullar G, Srushti Tawade, QK, LXSH
Hustle 2.0


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Watch @realmeindia MTV HUSTLE 2.0, Co-powered by @wildstoneofficial New Classic Range, every Sat & Sun 7️⃣PM on MTV & Voot

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Munching Partner: BRB Popped Chips
Audio Partner: Zebronics
Nutrition Partner: Big Muscles
Coffee Partner – Continental THIS

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