Apple iPhone 14 - Here It Is!

Apple iPhone 14 – Here It Is!
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Apple iPhone 14 – Here It Is!
The Apple iPhone 14 has been revealed in a new hands on video and it looks stunning!
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The Apple iPhone 14 is the upcoming flagship series from Apple and its incredible! With a completely new display on the front and upgraded hardware throughout, the iPhone 14 is going to be their best yet! In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch date & price of the Apple iPhone 14. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the iPhone 14 series.

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  1. First off : i am a mac book pro 15 inch mid 2014 owner and i love it ! (And an iPhone user since the 3GS came out ) BUT :

    Apple needs to be taught a lesson and that lesson needs to be taught soon !!!
    People need to stop buying demonic Apple products for 1 year or maybe 2. Straight , no macs , iphones , heck , no adapters nothing!!!!

    Let me Explain :

    i love using logic pro BUT!!! they soldered the SSD onto the motherboard ever since 2016. I recently went to an apple certified repair shop and asked them : what if i get a m1pro macbook pro and as soon as the warranty expires , the ssd fails me . How do u go about repairing it ? They said it ll cost me a hefty sum cause they replace the whole board . I was like WhAT ? Like dayum , replace 5-6-7 parts just cause one don’t work , there ain’t nuthin logical about that . Another point is : on windows : 1tb ssd —-> roughly 110$/€ . 2 tb ——> roughly 2x 110 $/€ . @demonic-apple ——> 2tb costs 800$ …?!?! What ? And you can t even replace it . I have a dream : :” that for 1 year straight up nobody buys any apple products , not even an adapter . Let s see those execs shit their pants and start asking questions like : oh my … what are we doing wrong ? To me they seem like money hungry apes that can not quench their thirst for money . It walks along the lines of unethical . There s isn’t even any real advantage to having the ssd soldered. I ve heard people say that it s faster . No it s not . We have the internet . Anybody can check the numbers and the speeds of different ssd s out there. Oh and just to put the cherry on top : iphone 13 : amazing processor and hardware but it s rocking the lightning port 🤣 usb 2.0 speeds . Apple 🍎 i really hope u get yours and the EU puts you in place with regulations on ports and on right to repair . They got hundreds of billions offshore like liquidities …. This got outta pocket a long time ago … out of their consumers pockets to be exact. They answer to no one and lack moral discernment . Take care y’all 😃🙏🏻🤗. But the processors are amazing and I respect the integration of the cpu and gpu and RAM 🐏 . Cause that actually wields a big boost in performance. I hope somebody serves them good .. money hungry apes 🦧

    And now they ship different iPhones with different chips. oh my God bruh… let's start this movement … i m begging y'all let us all stop buying their products for 1 Year :)))))) it would be amazing

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