Apple's iPhone 15 USB-C Master Plan: Sorry EU! 😂

Apple's iPhone 15 USB-C Master Plan: Sorry EU! 😂

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Apple's iPhone 15 USB-C Master Plan: Sorry EU! 😂
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  1. Finally, I can use the same wire to connect my android auto as my parents' apple carplay. I used to be an Apple user but switched to Samsung, and it felt so freeing. Now that I am a Samsung user, I will always get the 'full experience' as long as the shape matches. I invite all you apple users to switch to android if you don't want to keep jumping through their hoops. (Just my opinion, the rest is up to you)

  2. Apple are starting to take the piss out, not only by releasing old technology and sell it as new (all their phones are at least 5 years behind), but limiting an open technology like USB-C. But guess what, the sheeple are going to sleep in front of a high street apple store to get their hands on a inferior iPhone 📱 I want one, I want one…

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Win iPhone 14 100% Free 🤩🤩

Win iPhone 14 Free Online

100% Safe & Secure No Spam👍️