Are CRT TVs Worth It for Retro Gaming? - Retro Bird

Are CRT TVs Worth It for Retro Gaming? – Retro Bird
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Are CRT TVs Worth It for Retro Gaming? – Retro Bird
In prior videos, I’ve covered the benefits of CRT TVs, which consoles to use them on, how to track them down and where to put them… but the question I’ve found most people are always left with is “is it worth it?” In this video I will walk you through everything you should consider in determining if CRT TVs are for you.

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Are CRT TVs Worth It for Retro Gaming? – Retro Bird / CRT Television

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  1. Just an FYI. CRT's are considered hazardous wastes due to lead content. Might wanna check in to how one "legally" disposes of a CRT. The big ones sitting on a curb with a "Take Me" sign should be a clue! Some areas of the country may have collection sites that will take them either free or a fee.

  2. I was happy to find a 32" CRT for $20 on FB Marketplace. Went to pick it up and she tells me to come in and follow her…she opens a door and walks down into the basement!! It was the most narrow set of stairs I've ever seen. The TV weighted about a billion pounds and her husband couldn't help because "he hurt his back"….I rolled this MF'ing TV up the stairs end over end lol. Once I got it to the top thankfully a neighbor was able to help put it in my car. Got it home, powered it on and it had a nice discolored area at the upper right side. Not sure if was like that already (i didn't turn it on at her house to see the PQ) or if rolling it up 30 stairs f'd it up…ended up just trashing it at the local recycle center. What a huge waste of time/gas/money.

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