AUDIO Holy Ten – Baba Vasina Basa MP3 DOWNLOAD — citiMuzik

AUDIO Holy Ten – Baba Vasina Basa MP3 DOWNLOAD — citiMuzik

Baba Vasina Basa” is another compelling track from Holy Ten’s album “Risky Life II.” The title, translating to “Fathers Without Jobs” in English, hints at a narrative that is both personal and reflective of broader societal issues, which is a hallmark of Holy Ten’s musical style. Through his music, Holy Ten, born Mukudzeyi Chitsama, has consistently offered insight into the challenges faced by individuals and communities in Zimbabwe, using his platform to voice concerns that resonate with many.

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Holy Ten’s music often serves as a commentary on the socio-economic conditions in Zimbabwe, and “Baba Vasina Basa” is expected to follow this trend. His work is celebrated for its depth, relevance, and the rapper’s skillful articulation of complex issues in a manner that is both engaging and thought-provoking. Through “Risky Life II,” Holy Ten continues to navigate the intricacies of Zimbabwean society, offering listeners a blend of entertainment and enlightenment.

Listen to, “Holy Ten – Baba Vasina Basa” below;

AUDIO Holy Ten – Baba Vasina Basa MP3 DOWNLOAD


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