AUDIO Ngwear Ft Diamond Platnumz X Mr. Blue

AUDIO Ngwear Ft Diamond Platnumz X Mr. Blue

BBM,” standing for “Bad Boy Music,” is a dynamic collaboration among Tanzanian music powerhouses Ngwair, Diamond Platnumz, and Mr Blue. Released on April 2, 2017, the song is a fusion of bongo flava and hip-hop, energized by the distinct styles and talents of its artists.

Ngwair, known for his edgy rap delivery and strong lyrical content, brings a robust edge to the track. Diamond Platnumz, celebrated for his smooth vocals and melodic contributions, complements Ngwair’s verses, while Mr Blue introduces a unique blend of rap, afrobeat, and dancehall, adding depth and variety to the song. “BBM” is celebrated for its infectious beats, catchy hooks, and seamless mix of Swahili and English lyrics, making it appealing to a broad audience. This track not only showcases the creativity and individual strengths of Ngwair, Diamond Platnumz, and Mr. Blue but also represents a fresh take on the Tanzanian music scene, promising to be a favorite among fans of African music​

Listen to, “Ngwear Ft Diamond Platnumz X Mr Blue – BBM” below;

AUDIO Ngwear Ft Diamond Platnumz X Mr. Blue – BBM MP3 DOWNLOAD


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