Best Intel i5 13600K Gaming PC Build 2022 | DDR4 vs DDR5, Motherboards & More!

Best Intel i5 13600K Gaming PC Build 2022 | DDR4 vs DDR5, Motherboards & More!
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Best Intel i5 13600K Gaming PC Build 2022 | DDR4 vs DDR5, Motherboards & More!
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▶️i5 13600K
All 13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake Processors

— Power Supplies —
MSI A1000g
ASUS Strix 1000W
Corsair RM1000X
Corsair HX1200
be quiet! 1200W

— RAM (i5 13600K DDR4 vs DDR5) —
▶️▶️DDR4 3600 CL16
G.Skill Ripjaws
Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB
▶️All DDR4 3600 CL16 Kits
▶️▶️DDR5 6400 C32 Trident

— 13600K Cooler —
▶️ Thermalright RGB
▶️ Scythe Fuma 2 Rev B
▶️ DeepCool AK620 (a;l colors)
▶️ ID Cooling ZoomFlow AIO (all sizes & colors)
▶️ Arctic Liquid Freezer II (RGB & Non-RGB versions)
▶️ EK AIO (All Sizes)

— Best 13600K Motherboard —
*Budget Motherboard for 13600K (DDR4)*
▶️ ASRock Phantom Gaming DDR4
▶️ Gigabyte Z690 UD 🏬
▶️ MSI Pro Z690-A

*Best Z690 Motherboard for 13600K (Midrange)*
▶️ Gigabyte Gaming X Z690 DDR4 🏬
▶️ Aorus Elite Z690 (wifi version of Gaming X)
▶️ ASRock Extreme (DDR4 Only)

*MSI & ASUS Best Motherboards*
▶️ MSI Z690 Tomahawk DDR4
▶️ ASUS TUF Z790-Plus 🏬
▶️ ASUS ROG Strix Z690-A DDR4
▶️ ASUS ROG Strix Z690-F

▶️ RTX 4090 🏬
▶️ RTX 3070 & Ti 🏬
▶️ RX 6800 & XT 🏬
▶️ RTX 3080 🏬
▶️ RX 6900 XT 🏬
▶️ RTX 3090 🏬

— Cases —
Corsair 4000D Airflow
Phanteks P360A
Phanteks G360A
CoolerMaster TD500 Mesh

In this video, we cover the best I5 13th 13600K build for gaming. We review the Intel i5 13600K build parts you need including the best motherboard for i5 13600K, best cooler for i5 13600K, best RAM for i5 13600K (including 13600K DDR4 vs DDR5 performance), best PSU for i5 13600K and more. We consider the i5 13600K vs 13600KF as well. We then take our i5 13600K build against its AMD Ryzen competition including 13600K vs 5800X3D and 13600K vs 7600X. We cover costs for budget as well as premium 5800X3D vs 13600K and Ryzen 7600X vs 13600K. If you are looking for the best Intel i5 13600K build for gaming, you’ve come to the right place.

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0:00 Best 13600K Gaming PC Build
0:43 Don’t Get Password Hacked!
1:18 i5 13600K Price & Key Info
1:58 i5 13600K Cores, Threads, Frequency
2:41 13600K Performance (Productivity Benchmarks)
3:23 13600K Gaming Performance
4:18 i5 13600K vs 13600KF
5:03 Best GPU for i5 13600K
6:01 Best RAM – DDR4 vs DDR5 for 13600K
7:00 When Will DDR5 Make Sense?
7:45 B660 vs Z690 / Z790 Motherboards
8:48 IMPORTANT Bios Update Note
9:09 Best Motherboard for i5 13600K
10:14 Best CPU Cooler for i5 13600K
11:07 Tip for Reducing Cooler Noise
11:30 13600K PSU Requirements
12:16 Budget i5 13600K Build List
14:47 13600K vs Ryzen 7600X & 5800X3D Budget
16:18 Premium 13600K Build Upgrades
17:59 Premium 13600K vs 5800X3d vs 7600X
19:04 DDR5 Build for 13600K
20:18 Best Z690 & Z790 Motherboards!


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  1. Fantastic video…….however….still confused. I am old, as in old man, I used to build my comps but had decided to just buy a pre-built. However after viewing specs, pricing, reviews, and to many other things to mention, I'm going to build anyway. I was all decided on an i7 12/13700k but now I am not so sure. I really need to build the best combination I can for less than 2k. I have been greatly considering the RTX 3080 but damn is it expensive. I can put this thing together np but deciding on the best bang for the buck under 2k is driving me insane. It's not as easy as it used to be, to many choices nowadays. I am an Intel/Nvidia fan but I will consider an AMD gpu. This machine will not be used for work/production, just gaming, surfing, and paying bills of which I have many. I know this is a broken record but where do I start? I feel pressured with Black Friday coming soon and hoping to save some money there if possible. My goal is 1440p gaming, don't need 4k, and I've picked out the Dell S3422DWG (34" curved) as my new monitor. Any thoughts, suggestions, maybe a high bridge to jump off of?

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