Black Friday Shopping Vlog!!

Black Friday Shopping Vlog!!
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Black Friday Shopping Vlog!!
Ahh hope you enjoy this black friday shopping vlog! Look out for my black friday haul 2022 on my main channel tomorrow! Love you xo -Alisha Marie
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  1. Kinda glad that black friday is not what it used to be. People should finally realize how devastating consumerism actually is. I know it's hard to not be swayed by all the great deals especially when a lot of influencers used to/ are promoting it as well, but it's really important to realize that you don't need to buy stuff just because it's black Friday and everyone is shopping. Only buy the stuff you actually need or ones that will last a long time cuz we're in climate crisis ffs yall

  2. So the reason stores had sales all week is actually projection problems. Due to stimulus checks last year everyone was buying and spending which means this year stores bought the same amou t of stuff because their projection last year was so high. Then they realized people this year are so poor we can barely afford rent and now their warehouses are backlogged with items making the sales last weeks long because they need to get the product out! there you go!

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