Brahmastra Movie Review in Hindi|Ranbir Kapoor|Alia Bhatt|Amitabh Bachchan|Nagarjun|Shahrukh Khan

Brahmastra Movie Review in Hindi|Ranbir Kapoor|Alia Bhatt|Amitabh Bachchan|Nagarjun|Shahrukh Khan

Brahmastra Movie Review in Hindi|Ranbir Kapoor|Alia Bhatt|Amitabh Bachchan|Nagarjun|Shahrukh Khan

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Brahmastra Movie Review in Hindi|Ranbir Kapoor|Alia Bhatt|Amitabh Bachchan|Nagarjun|Shahrukh Khan
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Movie review Brahmastra: Part one – Shiva in Hindi starring Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjun and Shahrukh Khan.

लल्लनटॉप ऐप डाउनलोड करें और पाएं वीडियो यूट्यूब से पहले –

नौजवानों के मुद्दे उठाने वाले हमारे नए चैनल Rangroot का यूट्यूब लिंक –

रंगरूट फेसबुक पर –
रंगरूट ट्विटर पर –
रंगरूट इंस्टाग्राम पर –

स्पोर्ट्स की चौतरफा खबरों के लिए हमारे चैनल Lallantop Sports को सब्सक्राइब करें-

लल्लनटॉप स्पोर्ट्स का फेसबुक पेज :
लल्लनटॉप स्पोर्ट्स के ट्विटर का लिंक –
हमारे नए चैनल Lallantop Cinema को यहां जाकर सब्सक्राइब करें-
लल्लनटॉप सिनेमा का फेसबुक पेज –

उत्तर प्रदेश की खबरों का ठिकाना Lallantop UP को यहां जाकर सब्सक्राइब करें-

लल्लनटॉप यूपी का फेसबुक पेज :

लल्लनटॉप के इंस्टाग्राम का पता :
लल्लनटॉप के फेसबुक का पता :
लल्लनटॉप के ट्विटर का पता :

हमारे चैनल पर विज्ञापन देने के लिए पता : [email protected]

Lallantop Documentaries यहां देखें :

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Edited By: Balmukund

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  1. मूवी में सबसे खराब एक्टिंग अमिताब बच्चन जी की हे किसी भी एंगल से वो गुरु नहीं लगते ना हीं उनका आश्रम रहस्यमय लगता है सस्ता एवेंजर बनाने की कोशिश

  2. Coming from the perspective of an anime fan who is really into fantasy genre,… This movie was a good theatre experience but underwhelming overall or mediocre to be specific.

    I think the movie has very little lore that actually makes its universe, powers, lore unique.

    The build-up of powers, magic system, in-universe history, is non-existent n too generic.

    Only good thing about it is the implementation of the powers themselves, the Astra designs, choreography n fights n obviously VFX.

    Other than that everything else about the astras is so generic.

    For people who don't know the language, they'll feel that the concepts something interesting… N cool

    But majority Indians north or south generally under the basics so it's clear as a day

    Apart from the names, nothing is fully dived into, n explored properly in the "ancient texts" as claimed by the director to research on for 10 yrs. Simply,
    Astra = weapon
    Vanara = Monkey
    Agni = Fire
    Jala = water
    Pavana = wind
    Prabhata = dawn (i think)

    Varara Astra = Monkey weapon
    Agni Astra = fire weapon
    Etc etc…

    Brahma Astra = Brahma's weapon

    The name of the guardians = Brahmansh = Brahma ansh
    Ansh = essence or parts or portion
    So, Brahmansh = those who comprise a portion of energy of Brahma (a deity)

    Apart from these names, which when the meaning is known is not much impressive, n a group of guardians who are trained in these astras from generation to generation, there is no exploration of the lore, the significance of the astras or their mastery, training, mental state necessary to harness n control them etc…

    The antagonist's name is "dev", which means "demigod" or " deity" or " god"

    And Junoon calls him " Brahmdev" meaning "lord Brahma",. Because she considers Brahma to be the most powerful?
    I think that's the logic there…
    And the writers did such a lazy job that, they used the name " Brahma" everywhere to signify something which is very great or extraordinarily powerful…

    The pattern Of…
    Brahma Astra ( most powerful weapon according to the movie)
    Brahmadev (antagonist's name)
    Brahmansh ( the guardians trained in astras, even though we were not given any details about how to harness, control, n master them)
    Etc etc….
    So lazy writing….

    The fact that nothing is anywhere taking actual inspiration from any Indian history/epics, let alone being inspired by them… Except for the names, n some random terminology, and
    nothing deep is explored, even in the direction of fantasy elements, on the in-universe dynamics of the astras etc…

    I don't expect they should be true to the hindu texts in their inspirations and be truthful to it n not makeup anything, … That won't work for a fantasy superhero genre, but WHAT IS NECESSARY FOR A FANTASY SUPERHERO GENRE is the INWORLD PHYSICS, LOGICS, WHYS, DEFINING THE POWERS N HOW TO HARNESS N CONTROL THEM, ETC.
    The fact that according to the Mahabharata and other scriptures, Brahmastra is one of the powerful astras (celestial weapons) but it is not the most powerful astra, and i don't think it is in top 3 even.

    And all other astras in the movie were all generic astras in the scriptures used during the Mahabharata war or in Ramayana or other ancient times.

    Even none of those astras were anywhere explained, or explored in the movies in any detail even by taking any artistic choices.

    Only one good thing is their designs. Apart from that nothing is great. And I'm not much impressed by the VFX because I've seen far greater implementations, designs and adaptations of weapons and powers in more innovative ways in Anime.

    The fact that the movie advertised to be inspired by ancient Indian weapons… Is a joke, because they didn't do any research, or they didn't put any effort into taking inspiration and creating their own power system, (EXCEPT for the bracelet/anklet designs and the VFX implementation, which are the only good things about it).

    At least a training montage or some deep lore, or back story based on other Hindu concepts like reincarnation or karma, or wasanas, or yoga or prana or chakras … Nothing is explored.

    In Naruto, the term Chakra is used, but is used with totally different meaning, however, Masashi kishimoto made his own version of the concept called chakra, loosely based on the original concept of chakras.

    Or the deep vedantic philosophy is adapted and incorporated in Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, so organically which has become the central philosophy around which the entire alchemy and it's rules are framed upon. The actual lore is not taken in FMAB, but the actual philosophy is fully inspired from vedantic philosophy and based on that the mangaka Hiromu arakawa has fully created a whole new lore, concepts, power system, rules and philosophy that becomes Central to the themes, plot, character arcs, powers and the story as a whole. This is true research and taking inspiration from something and adapting it, by keeping the essence of the source but transforming, adapting it into something different. That's creativity.

    Or another way to take inspiration is Dragonball where, the entire world, planets, king Yama, god's, etc are all created brand new by taking inspiration from Buddhist/ Hinduism, Egyptian and other lore… And making it unique to the show… Which needs a lot of creativity. This is the level of inspiration one can take from a mythology or history, lore of a culture and adapt it n making it unique to the movie/ show.

    Even something like these as in these mentioned anime are expected when the director apparently has put 10 years to come up with this and has said multiple times how much inspired it is from Indian Epics, n they have researched it deeply.

    But except names, and lazy terminology, nothing is properly addressed for it to be a decent fantasy movie… Let alone a great one.. as they advertised it to be, with being inspired by ancient texts n 10 yrs of making. JOKE!!

    Even Marvel is a great example to take inspiration from Greek/Nordic mythologies to create a whole different worlds around it with characters and lore..

    Brahmastra was enjoyable to watch on the big screen, and it did give a awe experience (but nowhere near any other blockbuster movies recent years), but the positives end there.

    The screenplay and writing was also so lame, that there were zero goosebumps or hype moments in the movie (except for the initial Sharukh Khan one).
    In addition, Junoon, Nagarjuna's artist character and Tenzing r interesting… But That's it.

    I genuinely hoped this will be a decent attempt to be a good high budget fantasy movie from India, but turns out except VFX there is nothing great about the story or writing
    And no effort is put into actually creating something unique for the movie where they have specific rules, training, techniques, mastery of those, the mental concentration and inner state necessary to control the astras (because it is "claimed" to be inspired from Hindu lore), the activation of chakras or pranas
    Or any other reasoning that will help them master these astras,
    Or channeling something like Chi or prana sakti into the physical astras to activate them and form a etherial form of them to fight …. ,
    Or control the senses and meditate, train in harsh climate to master one's concentration that's necessary to control the astras ….

    Or may be some proper back story about how different astras are granted to different sages (shown at the beginning of the movie) in ancient times, and their individual significance, theme, intention, ANY PERSONALITY TO THE ASTRAS THEMSELVES, the different ways necessary to activate different type of astras,
    Or different personality traits (they can come up with the astrology part of the Hindu lore) that are in unison with different astras which can maximize their potential, and Explore the implications of their personality traits by birth vs their acquired traits due to their experience that effects their control over the astras….
    Or may be different realms/dimensions of the elements where each astra operates from and can mix up dimension or time dilation concepts or of the puranas… To take the astras to different level and increase the complexity of their usage that can unlock a while different level of choreography and action sequences….
    Or the most basic… The compatibility and effectiveness if each astra with different astras… And their matchups….

    ANY IDEA IS BETTER… BUT NOTHING… NOTHING IS EXPLORED ABOUT THE ACTUAL MECHANICS OF THE ASTRAs the central part of the plot of he "cinematic universe" they want to create.

    ("not just put on the bracelets and wave the hands and concentrate on it?" I think that's what shown in the movie)

    EVEN IF THEY REALLY WANT TO SHOW LOVE IS IMPORTANT TO OVERPOWER THE ASTRAS, fine… There is bhatki concepts of unconditional transcendental love, which can be explored, where one channels one's devotion and love for God into others around them, which materializes into soul level bonding between Shiva and Isha ( the main protagonists) , that will enhance the control of the astra because of the harmony better two souls and their love that ultimately can flow into the astra to harness it's true potential.
    ( Instead of the version they have in the movie, where the romantic relationship is what trumps the ancient super powerful astras, the celestial weapons)


    EVEN, during my short burst of a rant, I myself came up with so many different unique ideas which are actually taking some inspiration from the Vedic/puranic lore instead of lazy work of random lazy naming stuff and calling it inspiration and claiming it took 10 years to come up with he creative concepts.

    That has to be the joke of the century.

  3. Shahrukh khan make superhero movie ra-one but flop why because he is hero not superhero……Our indian film director are literally garbage why because they are making superheros movie but casting hero in that movie…if any director making superheros movie make them look like superhero not just hero. That's why indian director never get success in superheros movie.

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