Casino Royale | First Time Watching | Movie Reaction | Movie Review | Movie Commentary

Casino Royale | First Time Watching | Movie Reaction | Movie Review | Movie Commentary
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Casino Royale | First Time Watching | Movie Reaction | Movie Review | Movie Commentary
First time watching and reacting to Casino Royale

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  1. The freerunning chase seen is one of the best of all time. Kudos to the stunt team and Daniel. Great job out of the gate for Mr Craig. All this and to go home to Rachel Weisz as well? Wow! Finally this story gets the treatment it deserves. There are two bad versions of the story out there. The TV show from the 50s where Jimmy Bond is American. And the Woody Allen 60s movie. Woody Allen? Are you serious? Really bad. At least Herb Alpert's theme song is good. Anyway, great job Dasha! You're a treasure.

  2. because this movie is action packed, beautiful, intense, and has awesome poker action/tension…. its hard to beat this movie imo i love the poker game tension and even the love scenes are so beautiful to me. the rest of this series is just nothing compared to this movie imo, not to mention this movie is far more tamed or grounded in realism compared to the rest of the films and it makes it a lot more intense to me. i know it isnt a realistic movie, it just "feels" more realistic and its more enjoyable for me for that very reason in itself. the film makers tried a lot more imo to make it believable and it drastically improves a movies watch-ability for me. great reaction

  3. If you're interested in seeing more of Mads Mikkelsen, I highly recommend watching the series Hannibal, though I suggest watching the Sam Harris movies beforehand. With the exception of Silence of the Lambs, the series covers a lot of the same material but in a very different and usually far superior way than the rest of the films, and to be completely honest outside of Red Dragon, the other 2 films aren't that good but become almost laughable, when viewed after a series that makes the movies Hannibal and Hannibal Rising, look like grade school video projects.

  4. No gray area Dasha. He was in desperate need of this money but only because he used money that he took from war lords to invest into an airline losing hundreds of millions. He was creating hysteria and costing millions in lose to investors who could be very wealthy or an average Joe. He ended up losing either most of it or all of it when Bond stopped the bombing of the super airliner.

  5. In all the other James Bond movies, Bond is already a Double-O agent. Casino Royale was a reboot and explained how he got his Double-O rating. He had to first kill two people to get his "Licence to Kill".

    Fun Fact: Originally James Bond in the novels was a product of the Cold War, his main enemies was a Russian agency called SMERSH which according to the books meant "Death To Spies". Then later as the Cold War thawed the author Ian Fleming changed the villains to SPECTRE who were stateless.

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