Casino Royale | First Time Watching | Movie Reaction | Movie Review | Movie Commentary

Casino Royale | First Time Watching | Movie Reaction | Movie Review | Movie Commentary
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Casino Royale | First Time Watching | Movie Reaction | Movie Review | Movie Commentary
First time watching and reacting to Casino Royale

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  1. By the time this movie was released, the Jason Bourne saga had already begun, this saga changed and influenced the action movies of that time. Casino Royal was one of those movies that was influenced by that kind of brutal, realistic and frenetic action.
    If you like this movie I also recommend the Bourne saga, those are very good also.

    Dasha I hope you follow this saga until the end. Not to criticize but you tend to leave incomplete sagas and not continue them.
    Looking forward to the next chapter "Quantum of Solace"

  2. Each Bond had a different style. The one you remember sounds like the Roger Moore era. His were less serious. The Daniel Craig are linked by story, but the rest are not. Once you finish this series, you could put up some polls to see the best of the the older ones.

    Connery was more like this. cold, professional.
    George Lazenby only did one movie. It wasn't very good, which sucks because it was had one of the few pivotal life moments for Bond.
    Roger Moore was lighter. Less violent and less realistic. Some of his were really bad, but a few were great.
    Timothy Dalton tried to be serious, and the first one was pretty solid. The second took a very serious Bond and put him in a Roger Moore movie.
    Pierce Brosnan was serious but with a playful side. I liked his first movie, then they started to grate on me. There was one scene in particular where he was threatening someone for information. he just kept repeating the question and pressing the gun into a different part of the guy. That's not Bond. He was also too polished.

    This movie followed the plot of the book very well. Even the torture scene was the same. Some things that were explained int he book but not the movie are that Le Chifre worked for an organization that was into everything. The kidnapping of Vesper's boyfriend was fake. it was done as a way to trick her into helping them. This plays out as a throwaway moment in a later movie. In the book, it was her brother that was being held.

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