Chef Adley's MYSTERY CAFE Love Story!!  Adley is the Boss, Niko makes Food, a new Family 3D Cartoon

Chef Adley's MYSTERY CAFE Love Story!! Adley is the Boss, Niko makes Food, a new Family 3D Cartoon
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Chef Adley's MYSTERY CAFE Love Story!! Adley is the Boss, Niko makes Food, a new Family 3D Cartoon
Tonight’s Specials: Turtle Tacos, Snow Cones, and LOVE 💕


you can watch Mystery Café again on the Spacestation Animation YouTube here:

HEY EVERYBODY!! Welcome to ADLEYS MYSTERY CAFE! Our new family cartoon is ready it’s called Mystery Cafe.. so to celebrate I opened another Restaurant! Today was my first day so as soon as woke up I headed straight to there! I got my chef hat and my apron on, then I just had to wait for my assistant “Chef Mom” to get here! She was REALLY late today! When she finally got here, we set up the turtle bell and got straight to work! Our first customer was a little boy names Niko Bear and his dad! They just wanted Ice Cream but Niko kept eating ALL the sprinkles!! After they were done eating Niko wanted to work at the café too so we hired him! Now I have 2 assistants.. but Adley is the Boss!! Our next customer was a cool surfer dude! I thought it was the same guy from my last restaurant but this time it was his brother. He ordered a pepperoni pizza, but chef Niko put all kinds of things on it like peppers, olives, and Mushrooms! While the pizza was baking we watched out NEW 3D family Cartoon:

Mystery Cafe?
Welcome to ADLEY’S RESTAURANT!! Our first customer just got here! I was the waitress today so I showed the nice gentleman to his seat. He said he wanted some tacos with a bowl of cereal on the side! I ran in the kitchen to tell my assistants “Chef Niko” and “Chef Mom”! I am the boss of the Mystery Cafe, but it’s always nice to have helpers! We made his cereal with cute little blue stars while me and Chef Niko make the taco shells. Next we had to decide what to put in the tacos! There was a lot of options but we decided to put turtles in them! “Don’t worry, it’s not real turtles.. this is just pretend food” I put the taco’s in the oven but they were taking a LONG time so I put the oven on fast mode. When the timer dinged I hurried to deliver the meal to our customer! He LOVED the turtle tacos, and the cereal! We were SO excited that our FIRST CUSTOMER was so happy! Our next customer was a super cool surfer dude! I showed him to a chair but he said that he only stands? He ordered the pizza (the zaaa) and a snow cone! When I went back to tell the chefs, Mom thought the surfer boy was SOO CUTE.. she had fallen in love! Me and Niko made the snow cone while mom made the pizza! She put little heart pepperonis on it since she loved him. When I took out the food he was so surprised to see the heart pizza!! I asked him if he wanted to meet her, but he said that he was too shy so he just left his phone number instead. After he left someone else ran into our café! He looked really suspicious! He had a stripped shirt, and handcuffs on. IT WAS A ROBBER!! We tried to stop him but he grabbed his bag of money and ran out the door!

After we finished watching our new Cartoon we got back to work! Our next customer was a super old man.. he ordered some fruit cake. When we took it to him he wanted to watch a show too! So we watched a little preview / sneak peak of our NEXT family cartoon “Bedtime Stories” this was just one of the stories call “Rita and Betty’s Cooking Show!” It was SO cute and it made me SUPER excited for next month when it comes out!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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