Dell Inspiron 7560 GAMING REVIEW with Graphics Benchmark i7 Kaby Lake

Dell Inspiron 7560 GAMING REVIEW with Graphics Benchmark i7 Kaby Lake
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Dell Inspiron 7560 GAMING REVIEW with Graphics Benchmark i7 Kaby Lake
This is the Gaming Review of the Dell Inspiron 7560. We started with witcher 3 wild hunt and then tested out NFS Rivals followed by some extreme to low benchmark tests. Almost all games are playable on new Dell Inspiron 7560. With 940MX 4GB DDR5, This Inspiron 7000 series ultrabook can handle games like GTA 5, Witcher 3 and other popular titles like Just Cause, Watch Dogs 2 etc. easily but on low presets. Notice that as soon as i connect it with power source, the frame rates increases significantly. This due to the fact that the 940MX card doesn’t work while the lappy is running at full speed on battery power, it needs more power to run and so we need to connect it with 65W power source.

In this video i have shown Witcher 3 Wild Hunt gameplay at 720p resolution with low settings. At this settings, the witcher 3 runs smoothly upto 45 frames.sec and on avaerage 35-36 frames/sec. But when you increase only the resolution to 1080p, the FPS comes down to 20frames/sec. This is a significant drop in the performance while keeping all other settings at low. But you can play Witcher 3 like open world games at low settings and this lappy handles it quite efficiently and that’s due to high graphic memory.

I also ran Unigine Gaming and Graphics Benchmark on this system from Dell. At extreme graphics, it performs poorly at around 11fps. But if when we ran it on Basic settings, it performed really well, over 40FPS with Directx9.

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  1. Hey bro, i want to buy this laptop i7 model, which priced 81000, i just want to know I’m a gamer(not extreme but i play games like crysis 3, hitman absolution.) can i play games hours and hours??Right now i have dell 7537 laptop with 750m graphics card, and cooling wents of my laptop are same as dell 7560, but i play games upto 5 hours on my laptop, it gets heated but never damaged my laptop, so can i play games continues upto 5 hours on dell 7560 without damaging it

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