Diablo IV: Blizzard Reveals World Tiers, Gameplay & Disappointing Mechanics

Diablo IV: Blizzard Reveals World Tiers, Gameplay & Disappointing Mechanics
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Diablo IV: Blizzard Reveals World Tiers, Gameplay & Disappointing Mechanics
The newest update about diablo IV from blizzard has left some fans mad and divided, today we cover what those updates are and how they will change up gameplay mechanics, skill trees, world tiers and bosses.

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  1. Searching a skill tree by keyword has been in Path of Exile for a long time. But respeccing should be free; it enables players to try an idea without barriers. Guild Wars 2 took that idea further with build templates, so that you can instantly swap your build at any time out of combat for content-specific builds. Casual farming? Switch in your build for that. Specific raid? Yup, just pick it out of your build list. Teams need you to change role? Boom, done. New boss mechanic needs you to switch it up? Boom. You get the idea. Rebuilding on the fly to get through harder content was so good, especially adapting to new content. That build flexibility enabled a host of grinds and countered boredom with your character, while at the same time, preserving the value of all the mtx/cosmetics you'd bought. I've got so many good memories of big raids, ~50 – 150 players, switching skills and traits in to deal with the encounter, commanders laying out suggested skills… that's impossible in a rigid system and all the worse for it.

    I was a big fan of Diablo 1 & 2. I put in over 16K hours into GW2 and over 3K hours into PoE (so that's 5 times the hours in the game with free build switching), and honestly the costs of build switching held me back a lot in PoE. I spent way too much time using Path of Building (the PoE build planning tool) instead of playing the actual game! That was insane! I should have been able to do all build testing in-game PoE, like I could in GW2, which even provides a special build-testing area in the raid preparation zone with DPS feedback and other stuff.

    Having done a whole bunch of grind-related content, I can't stress enough how important it is for the designers to facilitate the players. There's fun grinds, and then, there's the stuff that's in the way of your fun grinds. Respeccing costs are barriers to having fun. Slaughtering 10,000,000 mobs while tweaking your build the whole time is fun. Constant tinkering to get your character perfect is a game in itself.

    Having passed over D3 (for reasons) I have been keeping an eye on D4. The new trees and features looks like shades of PoE, which is good, but without learning the lessons of giving free respecs and build templates? Ouch. No thanks.

    I tried Diablo Immortal until Hell II, I think it was Paragon 50 or so I stopped, and unfortunately that game seems to have regressed to the point where they'd forgotten why procedural level generation was invented; the world is static and gets stale pretty quick, instead of getting a procedurally refreshed layout to enable unlimited replays. I hope they're not making that mistake in D4, because it looks great – but is it being procedurally generated? That was something Path of Exile did so well and I hope the D4 team took notice.

    Anyway, all-in-all it seems as if there are hard-won lessons from past games that are being forgotten about.

  2. What I liked about D2 was that it only had 3 difficulties, each one had basically it's own feel and set of rules. What is fine in normal doesn't often work in hell. Having like 5 non torment and 15 torment difficulty levels in d3 was different. I get that they tried to work around with players x command that we had in d2, but it felt that they still were all basically the same thing.

  3. Literally all they have to do is look at Lost Ark and PoE end games and just take the best parts. The raiding, the mapping, the hunts, bosses having real mechanics. It's so logical to just do what they are currently doing but better and more. If the end game ends up being the D3 GRift end game, I won't make it past 1 season. I can't do D3 style end game anymore. It just isn't engaging or fun.

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