Diablo IV’s Open World Will Change The Game

Diablo IV’s Open World Will Change The Game
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Diablo IV’s Open World Will Change The Game
Diablo IV has big plans for it’s open world, from World Bosses, Capturable Strongholds, Social Hub Towns, Public Events, Dungeons, and a whole lot more. It’s looking like a real solid base for launch, let’s hope they build upon it.

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  1. Honestly, this going into Jack of all trades master of none route. Making everything "fun and engaging" is like super improbable, I would be very impressed if most stuff in this game stays relevant, hardcore players will exploit one or the other, potentialy leading to a nerf and direct the progression to dungeons or party activities. Also the mix o mmo and arpg seems like not polished at all, I don't think a middle term will be satisfying to either player that likes most one or the other. Again, this is such an ambitious project that's really hard to predict its success.

  2. As far as I can tell, playing the Beta, for the most part, the Dungeons still have the same Loading Transitions…. I haven't seen anything that does "Plus Whatever to all Characters on your account…" The ones I see say something about "Plus Whatever to all Whatever in the Relm…" or something like that.

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