Diablo IV’s Open World Will Change The Game

Diablo IV’s Open World Will Change The Game
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Diablo IV’s Open World Will Change The Game
Diablo IV has big plans for it’s open world, from World Bosses, Capturable Strongholds, Social Hub Towns, Public Events, Dungeons, and a whole lot more. It’s looking like a real solid base for launch, let’s hope they build upon it.

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  1. Well about that not enough enemies thing – I hope they fix that, because that's what I really don't like either and I hated Lost Ark for it. There was always just blank spots, then a small group of enemies, then another blank spot etc.. etc… Even made worse that you got literally 1XP for killing them, most of your XP came from quests, so you didn't even feel the need to kill em..

  2. My biggest concern so far is the story, as for obvious reasons – we know next to nothing about it. I will still enjoy theory crafting character builds and exploring the world, levelling and gearing up, of course. My concern is whether the story is gripping enough allow myself to become fully immersed in the open world. I am concerned I will miss the little things like loading into a new act – signifying progression. Hopefully they consider this when transitioning into a new act in the open world, whether it is a cut scene or some dialogue with the caravan driver, or ship captain before setting off. Character and gear progression is one thing, and very important – but the importance of world progression cannot be understated. Some other people in the comments reference d1, where as you went deeper, it felt more dire, and claustrophobic, this progression into darkness, as you fight the forces of evil is SO important. My other concern is whether there are enough skills to diversify character builds. As much as I loved d2, I don't want to see hundreds of same build sorceresses and hammerdins around, although I'm sure there will be a meta in the end.

  3. Open world was an exciting concept 12 years ago. Nowadays it's so played out I don't think it adds much to the experience and can sometimes even detract from it. Only open world game in recent memory I can think of that was better due to being open world is Elden Ring. Allowing players to go elsewhere and get stronger when they get stuck on a boss was a nice change to the traditional Soulsbourne formula. Most open world games don't utilize the open world in a way that meaningfully enriches the experience, though.

  4. You want this game to be fun and respectfully value player agency? To be able to play the actual game and enjoy it for what it is and what you are doing, both? Instead of it being tested like a goddamn chore list from Hell itself? (Not even Demons like chores, bro. No one likes chores.)

    Then keep the POE Elitist Community THE FUCK AWAY FROM D4. Steamers and the cookie cutter build mandate destroyed that game for good.

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