Diwali Vlog | Life of an Indian mom of 2 | Cooking, decorating, & celebrating festivals ..

Diwali Vlog | Life of an Indian mom of 2 | Cooking, decorating, & celebrating festivals ..
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Diwali Vlog | Life of an Indian mom of 2 | Cooking, decorating, & celebrating festivals ..
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Some Objects of Desire:

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In this Video:

Zayn’s bath tub:
Zayn’s pacifier:
Pacifier tie:
Bergner stainless steel Kadhai:
Bergner stainless steel pressure cooker:
Artificial marigold Toran:
Artificial marigold garlands:
Acrylic rangoli:
Stensils for Rangloli:
Rangoli colors:
Kaya’s scooter:
Zayn’s stroller:
Meyer Cast Iron Tawa:
Zayn’s laundry basket:
Zayn’s rocker and crib:
Cloth drying rack:

IKEA kitchen towels:
Measuring cups:
IKEA garlic press:
Le Crusette Dutch Ovens:

Kitchen Oven. Microwave, Chimney, Hob:
Most of Zayn’s clothing:
Feeding bottles:
Pampers premium care:
Meyer sauce pan:
Oil dispenser:
Prestige Stainless steel pressure cooker:
Cast Iron flat pan:
Baking paper:
Bed Linen:
Laundry basket:
Bucket set:
Small cast iron Kadhai:
Wonderchef manual chopper:
Wonderchef natrilbend:
Wooden bowl:
Cooking oil dispenser:
Chopping board:
Ceramic pan:
Enamel dish:
Enamel bowl:
Rosemary tong:
Bergner Stainless steel pot:
Bergner Stainless steel pressure cooker:
Stainless steel Kadhai:
Blinds in utility area:
IKEA water glasses:
Cast Iron cookware:
Kitchen items:
Stainless steel items:
IKEA kitchen tap:
Kohler pull out kitchen tap:
Kadhai’s and Pans:
Fridge organisation:
Cleaning products:
Retractable cloth line:
Airtight jars:
IKEA crockery:

Music: Epidemic sounds

00:00 – Trailer
00:37 – Zayn’s bath time
02:05 – Lunch – Pepper chicken Dry
04:26 – Cambly Class
06:02 – Diwali Decor
09:02- Dinner Masala Khichdi
11:41 – Morning walk – Kaya’s scooter
12:41 – Breakfast , Aloo Paratha
13:48 – Organising clothes
15:39 – Chicken Dum biryani Lunch
18:22 – DIY Clay pot painting
19:39 – Diwali Evening
21:10 – Karnataka Rajyotsava celebration

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