Easy Ways To Look Stylish When It’s Cold Outside | Winter 2023 Fashion Tips

Easy Ways To Look Stylish When It’s Cold Outside | Winter 2023 Fashion Tips

Easy Ways To Look Stylish When It’s Cold Outside | Winter 2023 Fashion Tips

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Easy Ways To Look Stylish When It’s Cold Outside | Winter 2023 Fashion Tips
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Easy Ways To Look Stylish When It’s Cold Outside | Winter 2023 Fashion Tips

You don’t have to give up on style when it’s cold outside. But it does mean you need to get a little more creative. So in today’s video I wanted to share some of my favourite tips and tricks for still looking and feeling great even when it’s super cold outside. I’d absolutely love to hear how much importance you place on fashion trends in winter and if you even still follow them or if you dress for comfort and warmth ONLY! I’ve been thinking a lot about Winter fashion lately as I am heading to the east coast of the USA at the end of December (eeek!) so will need to pack all of my best winter woollies. Luckily I haven’t stored them away yet LOL. Anyway, because winter fashion trends have been on my mind I thought it was timely to share a few of the things I do in the winter to still look and feel great without sacrificing style. Anyway, I’d love to hear what your top tips are too in the comments below.

Thanks so much for watching today’s episode and a big thank you to Geologie for sponsoring it too. If you haven’t tried Geologie products then you should definitely check them out – they’d make great Christmas gifts too.

Anyway, see you in the next one.


Turtle neck sweater:

1. Shearling boots:
2. Lace up combat boots:
3. Fur trim boots:
4. Ganni leather boots:
5. See by Chloe boots
6. Crew neck merino wool top:
7. Thin thermal tops:
8. Orange cashmere socks:
9. Bright green cashmere beanie:
10. Ugg beanies:
11. Blanket scarf:

12. Ugg beanies:
13. Rag & Bone reversible bucket hat:
14. Woollen bucket hats

15. Green Bottega sunglasses:
16. Blanket scarf:
17. Checked wool cape:
18. Revolve faux fur:
19. Sherpa jacket:
20. The problem tote:
21. Flannel shopper:
22. Fluffy shopper:
23. Mitten gloves:
24. Cosy bucket hat:
25. Blanket scarf: Blanket scarf:
26. Cashmere socks:

Rechargable hand warmer:
Shoe grips:



Download here:



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  1. Boots with a thick rubber sole are best imo. It lifts you away from the freezing floor 😄
    I have a thin down vest I wear under thinner wool coats to get more life out of them. I don’t like thick jumpers so that is a good way to keep warm regardless 🤗
    Modal and Lyocell fabric undershirts are great under jumpers. They are a thin extra layer under cashmere jumpers and not only regulate body heat but lets you skip washing your good cashmere for longer.

  2. I think in winter your outfit should start with choice of coat and boots, then build layers underneath. Go for high content f wool. Coated cotton jeans are good. You can wear leggings and/or tights under looser fit jeans or trouser. Buy boot a bit bigger so you have room for warm socks, even two pairs of socks. Buy high wool content jumpers, merino is the best. I like those fine merino underlayers too, they don't itch. Natural fibres are best, especially wool, but wear a finer layer under. Cotton doest keep you warm. Please do not buy much polyurethane as it takes centuries to break down, and polyester is only recyclable once, so don't be conned by greenwashing. I wish the fake leather trend would die. Better buy real leather if people are still eating meat, I don't by the way, but I do wear leather shoes and bags. And farmers have to shoot lots of rabbits but no one wants the fur, it's so hypocritical and wasteful. Gorgeous jumper Leonie. But want to say that natural products can also damage the environment through depletion. I'm beginning to have a very love/hate relationship with fashion and people's attitudes to it. Last week you were bigging up those horrible fake leather trench coats. Buy less, buy natural fibres and better quality.

  3. I’m kinda the opposite.. I thrive in the cold and miserable in the heat! I find myself more inspired when I m not bathing in my sweat.. love boots coats and sweaters! Where I live the cold weathers are not as long as the summer days so I’m grateful for the cold as weird as that sounds… lol

  4. This time of year I pretty much wear long underwear daily. Hat, gloves and warmer boots, big chunky sweaters and the puffer coat. You are so right that style takes a back seat to keeping warm. We still have snow on the ground from 2 days ago and the high tomorrow is in the 20's and that is ferenheight not Celsius.

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