Emancipation (2022) Movie Review | Will Smith's Return

Emancipation (2022) Movie Review | Will Smith's Return
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Emancipation (2022) Movie Review | Will Smith's Return
This is my Emancipation Movie Review. What is your Emancipation Review or Movie Reaction. Explain your thoughts on this 2022 Will Smith movie in theaters and coming to Apple TV Plus down below. A runaway slave forges through the swamps of Louisiana on a tortuous journey to escape plantation owners that nearly killed him.
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Time Codes:
Intro and Rating – 0:00
Story and Themes – 0:44
A Fighter – 2:04
Performances – 3:24
Will Smith – 4:35
Main Issues – 7:06
Final Thoughts – 8:46

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  1. Just watched not a bad film no where near as bad as how the Romans treated slaves from the United Kingdom we was slaves for over a thousand years longer then anyone eles 400 years being slaves to the Romans sold all round the globe then again by the Vikings and then again by the saxons if you read our history we was treated 100x worse and went on longer then any black trade. Think we the UK 🇬🇧 should make a movie about what real slaves had to go tho because theres no where in the word that was worse then being a slave to the Romans full stop think all them roads was built by the romans nope they was built by white slaves from the countrys they defeated hence why we took over the world when the romans was gone 😉

  2. I have seen many movies about slavery, I watched Lincoln, 12 years a slave, Harriet, Roots, Miss Jane Pittman, Sally Hemings Documentary, Selma, The butler, the full series with Samuel Jackson ( Enslaved ). Happy to see content is available for future generations. Love Will Smith however I am already disgusted with the atrocities man kind has inflicted. I opt out on Emancipation and look for something that makes me smile not fill my heart with more anger, sorrow and sadness.

  3. What? "This is the best acting of Will Smith's career", says it all. One dimensional, he has the same expression throughout the whole film. Rambo was more believable. He was shot in the leg, then walking & running normally. Seconds later he was limping. The scene where he steps out of a canoe 😂😂. He steps out on to his bad leg. No reason at all he couldn't have stepped on to his good leg. I could go on and on. Atrocious

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