Exodus Gods and Kings Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu

Exodus Gods and Kings Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu

Exodus Gods and Kings Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu

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Exodus Gods and Kings Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu
Distributed by
20th Century Fox

Production companies
Chernin Entertainment
Scott Free Productions
Volcano Films
TSG Entertainment

Directed by
Ridley Scott

Written by
Adam Cooper
Bill Collage
Jeffrey Caine
Steven Zaillian

Produced by
Peter Chernin
Ridley Scott
Jenno Topping
Michael Schaefer
Mark Huffam

Christian Bale
Joel Edgerton
John Turturro
Aaron Paul
Ben Mendelsohn
Sigourney Weaver
Ben Kingsley

Dariusz Wolski

Edited by
Billy Rich

Music by
Alberto Iglesias

In 1300 BC, Moses, a general and accepted member of the Egyptian royal family, prepares to attack an encamped Hittite army with Prince Ramesses at Kadesh. A High Priestess divines a prophecy from animal intestines, which she relates to Ramesses’s father, Seti I. She tells the two men of the prophecy, in which “a leader” (either Moses or Ramesses) will be “saved” and the savior “will someday lead.” During the battle, Moses saves Ramesses’s life, leaving both men troubled. Later, Moses volunteers to go to the city of Pithom in place of his cousin to meet with the Viceroy Hegep, who oversees the Hebrew slaves. Upon his arrival, he encounters the slave Joshua being lashed and questions the vicious lashing. Moses is appalled by the horrific conditions the slaves must toil in. Moses meets with the slave elders to see if the slaves are planning on sedition as claimed by the Viceroy. After said meetings, Moses receives a message via Joshua that Nun is looking for him. Moses finds Nun in the prayer house where he informs him of his true lineage; he is the child of Hebrew parents who was sent by his sister Miriam to be raised by Pharaoh’s daughter (he was born during the extermination of the Jewish heirs). Moses is stunned at the revelation and leaves angrily; during which he is attacked by two guards whom he quickly kills. However, two Hebrews spies overhear Nun’s story and report their discovery to the Viceroy. Moses returns home where soon after Seti dies, and Ramesses becomes the new Pharaoh (Ramesses II). Hegep, the viceroy reveals Moses’s true lineage to Ramesses, but Ramesses is unconvinced. At the urging of Queen Tuya, he interrogates the servant Miriam, who denies being Moses’s sister. When Ramesses threatens to cut off her arm, Moses intervenes saving her and confirms he is a Hebrew. Although Tuya wants Moses killed, Ramesses, still unwilling to believe the story, exiles him instead. Before leaving Egypt, Moses meets with his adopted mother and Miriam, who refer to him by his birth name of Moshe. Following a journey into the desert, Moses comes to Midian where he meets Zipporah and her father, Jethro. Moses becomes a shepherd, marries Zipporah, and has a son, Gershom. During the Exodus, the Hebrews follow Moses’s original path through the desert towards the Red Sea. Still grieving his son, Ramesses assembles his army and gives chase. After making their way through a dangerous mountain pass, Moses and the Hebrews arrive at the edge of the sea, uncertain about what to do. In despair, Moses flings his sword into the sea, which recedes and clears a path to the opposite side. Ramesses and his army continue the pursuit, but Moses stays behind to confront them. The Red Sea reverts back, drowning the majority of the Egyptians (crossing the Red Sea). Moses survives and rejoins the Hebrews. Ramesses also survives, but is distraught and stunned over the destruction of his army, and with no apparent way to return to Egypt. Moses leads the Hebrews back to Midian, where he reunites with Zipporah and Gershom. At Mount Sinai, Moses transcribes the Ten Commandments which will be his replacement as the law when he dies. Years later, an elderly Moses riding with the Ark of the Covenant sees God’s manifestation walking with the Hebrews through the desert.

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