Flats' gaming memories that will make you feel old

Flats' gaming memories that will make you feel old
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Flats' gaming memories that will make you feel old
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  1. Battlefield wasn't ever a story driven game dingus. You're not old enough to remember 1942? What about LAN centers? Probably not. Back when people would go places and pay to play CS, BF1942 and Half Life with their real life friens, before "internet cafes" or "gaming cafes" existed. I think the only drinks we had at mine were Bawls.

    You're not old.

  2. Holy… Get your priorities straight weirdo. They didn't "let you" get your stuff? No dude, you're a egomaniac that couldn't be f*cked to visit your sick/dying family members or help them at all.
    The state took your grandmothers house to pay for her hospice? That's not a thing. Not as fast as you're describing it. Not to mention, an entire house to pay for how long? Care homes are expensive but not that expensive..

    It sounds like her garbage family was no where to be found after she passed, she didn't have a will or didn't feel her family deserved to be in it, so when she died the state took over her affairs. Because no one else would.

    Says a lot about you.

  3. Sly Cooper was my first game I got when I got my PS2 and it remains one of my favorite series. Maybe it is one of the reasons I'm so into stealth in most games. And talking about old Pokémon games, I think the gen 2 cartridges (Gold, Silver, Crystal) just do not age well. I have 4 first gen cartridges, 3 second gen cartridges, and 5 third gen cartridges. None of the second gen games work, but all of the first and third gen games still work. I also have an old SNES which works, but if you do so much as touch the console when playing it'll just delete your save file.

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