Gamers Caught Cheating - Part 3

Gamers Caught Cheating – Part 3
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Gamers Caught Cheating – Part 3
Boot up your systems for more gamers caught cheating!
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  1. I tried streaming at one point. I'm not a great player by any means, average at best, tried to genuinely get peoples attention, but never once did using cheats cross my mind. Sure I'll use things to make games more fun or goofy, but never in a stream I did because I just don't like the aspect of trying to artificially make myself look good just to get attention. And I also have the belief that even if I did, my luck would have me caught within seconds. Cheats are fun for games you play alone, with no one watching, and you just wanna have FUN. But they aren't when you play a game with other people and it puts you at an advantage over them.

  2. I find it so satisfying when cheaters get caught and banned. It's a big reason why I don't play GTA V Online anymore, hackers and modders just ruin the fun and experiance. There are some good people that drop money and useful stuff to make things a little easier but when people turn on god mode and blow people up through the mod menu's is really annoying.

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