Halloween Ends - Movie Review

Halloween Ends – Movie Review
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Halloween Ends – Movie Review
The new Halloween trilogy concludes. Here are my thoughts on the 3rd, and would be “final” chapter, if anything in the horror genre ever truly ended. #HalloweenEnds

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  1. This film would have been enjoyable if they crammed the 3 Halloween films into 1…

    Opening nut house scene and end scene fight from Halloween 2018.
    Killing all the fireman and a couple of kill scenes from Halloween Kills.
    And the last 20 minutes of Halloween Ends.

    The rest of the pointless 3 hours worth of film you could put straight in the bin, rubbish.

    There, would have been a lot better film, rather 1 good film than 3 naff films.

  2. Personally, halloween ends with halloween 1978. When he just dissapears at the end is unsetling enough. The whole dr. Loomis pure evil stuff is something I don't like from the original movie. "An insane asylum inmate escapes during halloween night and goes to a nice safe suburban town." That is scary enough. Nothing has become more scary when it's explained. That's why I like the plots of puppet combo horror games. They're light on explanation, which forces the audience to fill in the picture.

  3. I thought it could of been an interesting twist but Micheal was running on something more than mere mortals I still think it should of ended with a look back at his family and a suggestion to witchcraft making Micheal at the start a victim and cursed soul but instead the women dodged this side and made it about men's inner evil and Micheal just being a man . I thought the move was a cop out self indulgent and righteous and an erratic mess that was hard to watch complete garbage.with this being the end of these characters stories the rights are still active so I hope somebody gives a fresh approach that starts from about four movies back

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