How Overhead Cooking Videos are Made | Kalisa Marie Eats

How Overhead Cooking Videos are Made | Kalisa Marie Eats
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How Overhead Cooking Videos are Made | Kalisa Marie Eats
We’ve all seen millions (ok, not quite) of BuzzFeed recipe videos. But, have you ever filmed your own overhead cooking video?? Me neither! Well, not until we shot this Jamaican Saltfish Fritter recipe. Watch this behind the scenes clip to see how I made a tasty-style video. And don’t laugh! Making a recipe video is hard work.

My mom makes the best Jamaican saltfish fritters I’ve ever had, so this is her recipe. If they’re ever absent at a family gathering or holiday, everyone has a meltdown! If you’ve never had one, it’s basically a deep fried savory batter, flavor packed with salted cod and seasonings like onions, scallions, thyme, scotch bonnet pepper, tomatoes etc.

They go by other names too, like stamp and go, and folks make them different ways. Ours are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, due to the baking powder. Different cultures have their own versions too, like the pataniscas de bacalhau our Portugese friends in this video were trying to teach me to pronounce, lol!

Want to see the final result? Final overhead video + full step by step recipe with ingredients here:

We’re gearing up to shoot a bunch more videos for YouTube, so we wanted to leave you guys with some fun footage of how we bring these videos to life. I’m super excited about the types of videos we have planned next, but I also want to hear from you! Let me know in the comments what you’d want to see in the future!


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