How To Find Your Body Type? #bodytypes #styletips #stylehacks #styleguide #fashionguide #fashiontips

How To Find Your Body Type? #bodytypes #styletips #stylehacks #styleguide #fashionguide #fashiontips
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How To Find Your Body Type? #bodytypes #styletips #stylehacks #styleguide #fashionguide #fashiontips


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  1. To the girls with broad or narrow shoulders. Broad shoulder girls you tend to look elegant and exude so much power because of your shoulders! Please don’t slouch and rock them!💖 To narrow shoulder girls you remind of of fairies or something magical from Disney! Walk with confidence!💖 To the girls that have an hourglass but either feel too chubby or slim….your differences are needed and make the world a beautiful place! The world would be too boring if we all looked the same. To the straight figure girls and the medium size girls you probably get told “you’re perfect…but” a lot and you don’t feel enough or feel too much at times and I just want you to know that in a world were perfect is searched for and the world is constantly weighing us tipping us side to side telling us we’re not ok if we’re big or if we’re too small but yet we get hate for being medium. I want you to know perfect doesn’t exist the way the world defines it but how do you define it? I hope you plant a positive thought. Thanks to whoever read this.💖💖💖

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