I Built a Gaming PC for $106, and it Plays Warzone 2 at 1080p!

I Built a Gaming PC for $106, and it Plays Warzone 2 at 1080p!
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I Built a Gaming PC for $106, and it Plays Warzone 2 at 1080p!
Everyone keeps requesting I build a Gaming PC close to $100… and at this Budget you HAVE to get your hands dirty, and in the end we can even play WZ 2 and Apex Legends at 1080p High Settings.

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00:00 The $47 dollar PC had some faulty parts, but it also had some parts that worked! so we salvage those parts.
01:37 Heading to the Dumpster for the answers!
03:19 The GPU DEAL pops up!
04:08 Deep Cleaning, some get cleaned with water.
06:34 the dumpster case came up well!
08:33 Final check of components before building, Error messages with the Dell Optiplex 390 Front I/O Panel Error Message? Let’s fix that!
11:37 Tuning the Gaming PC and UNDERVOLTING the RX 480! it did very well!
13:08 Warzone 2 FPS is GOOD on this budget banger!
13:55 Apex Legends on 1080p is even better! Great smooth FPS!
14:54 The Finished product, bad luck, good luck is just the name of the game with used parts.
20:13 Question of the Day, Aussies Drives Fords?

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