I Cooked A Whole Wagyu Cow (ft. Guga Foods)

I Cooked A Whole Wagyu Cow (ft. Guga Foods)
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I Cooked A Whole Wagyu Cow (ft. Guga Foods)
I almost drowned in the brisket. Seriously. This was the most intense wagyu experience of my life, and it’s a day I’ll never forget. Now, let me clarify. We did not actually cook an ENTIRE wagyu cow…that would’ve cost around $50,000, and I’d rather do just about anything else than buy a full cow. Instead, we cooked every part of a cow, with the exception of its head and private area (if you know what I mean).

Our cooking process was extensive, particularly given the fact that we cooked every piece of meat in a completely different way. After completing the cooking process, we sat, tasted, and ranked ALL of them. And we both had completely different rankings! Watch to find out which piece of wagyu won. Giant thanks to the nicest guy ever, @Guga Foods, for inviting me into his kitchen and taking on this challenge with me head-on.


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