Indians & Gully Fight 🥊 | Take A Break

Indians & Gully Fight 🥊 | Take A Break

Indians & Gully Fight 🥊 | Take A Break

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Indians & Gully Fight 🥊 | Take A Break
You are a true Indian if you stop your vehicle or come out of your house to watch a fight, we are here to give you the same experience in this video “Indians and Gully Fight”. Ever took part in a gully fight? Share your experience in the comments below and share this relatable video to your friends, neighbours and society groups 😉
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Produced By – Monica Prabhudesai
Producer – Pratik Thakur
Creative Producer- Ravindra Sarowar

Writer – Shubhanshu Srivastava, Sharjeel Shoeb
Direction – Ravindra Sarowar
Associate Director – Sonal Rathod
1st AD – Satyam Phule

Art- Harshada Patwardhan
Costume- Rohini Kendre
Makeup- Shahin baig

DOP- Rohit Gaikwad
Lights- Aadesh Salunke

BTS- Sahil Parab

Production- Pavan Tekale
Production Asst. – Som Pandey, Gajanan Lokhande
Sound- Samir Sheikh
Spot- Gajanan Lokhande

Editor – Hemant Vansh
Thumbnail- Harshada Patwardhan

Aparna Tandale
Sayali Sonule
Shashank Swamod
Sahil Parab
Ankita Shukla
Rohini Kendre
Som Pandey
Sonal Rathod
Satyam Phule
Siddhant Panchwatkar
Pavan Tekale
Aadesh Salunke
Gajanan Lokhande

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