Intel HD Graphics 4600 Gaming Test ! 2019

Intel HD Graphics 4600 Gaming Test ! 2019
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Intel HD Graphics 4600 Gaming Test ! 2019
Hi Friends Welcome To PC Support & Gaming Test.

In This Video I Will Show You Intel HD Graphics 4600 Gaming Test ! 2019.

System Specifications:-
Intel Core i5 4460 (4th Generation) Cpu
8GB DDR3 (Dual Channel) 1600 Mhz Ram
Intel HD Graphics 4600 Integrated Gpu
1TB Seagate Hard Drive (5400) Rpm
Windows 10 v1909 64 Bit Os

Games Tested:-
1. Watch Dogs 2:- 0:06
2. Fallout 4:- 0:36
3. NFS Heat:- 1:06
4. Battlefield 1:- 1:36
5. Sleeping Dogs:- 2:06
6. Outlast 2:- 2:36
7. Gta 5:- 3:06

Results Will Be Different Without Recording.

When Recording Fps Decreases 4-6 Without Recording Fps Increases 4-6.

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These video games are a work of fiction. The vehicles, weapons, fighting, blood, etc. may have been adjusted to fit into these video games. All characters appearing in these games are fictious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. There is no relation of these video games with real life.

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