Interstellar Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu

Interstellar Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu

Interstellar Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu

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Interstellar Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu
Distributed by
Paramount Pictures (North America)
Warner Bros. Pictures (International)

Production companies
Legendary Pictures
Lynda Obst Productions

Directed by
Christopher Nolan

Written by
Jonathan Nolan
Christopher Nolan

Produced by
Emma Thomas
Christopher Nolan
Lynda Obst

Matthew McConaughey
Anne Hathaway
Jessica Chastain
Bill Irwin
Ellen Burstyn
Michael Caine
Matt Damon

Hoyte van Hoytema

Edited by
Lee Smith

Music by
Hans Zimmer

In 2067, a global famine caused by blight has had major effects on human society, including the abandonment of scientific pursuits such as space exploration. The world’s food problem has forced Joseph Cooper, an ex-NASA pilot, to work as a farmer. One day, Cooper experiences a gravitational “anomaly” in his daughter Murph’s bedroom. He deduces it to be a pattern of GPS coordinates, and following it, arrives at a secret NASA facility, headed by Professor Brand. Brand explains to Cooper that, while NASA was publicly shut down, it continued to operate with the secret mission of discovering an extra-terrestrial planet capable of supporting human life, in the probable aftermath of extinction of earthly life due to blight. Brand claims to be working on a gravity-equation and enlists Cooper’s help to pilot an exploratory spacecraft for the second part of the mission. Cooper agrees, leaving behind his children to whom he promises to return. He commands a shuttle carrying three other scientists – Romilly, Doyle, and Brand’s daughter Amelia. They dock with a larger spaceship called the Endurance, and using a mysterious wormhole near Saturn, pass through to another galaxy. Their mission is to investigate three planets, orbiting a supermassive black hole called Gargantua, each of which was previously explored by a NASA scientist-explorer. Realizing “the ghost” is her father, she decodes the information that Cooper is feeding her about the black hole’s singularity. This allows her to solve Brand’s gravity-equation. His mission/purpose now completed, Cooper is ejected from the tesseract by the future beings, who place him back near the wormhole outside Saturn. Cooper is picked up by a ranger and is taken to a (cylindrical) space station to reunite with Murph. Using the gravity-equation, Murph orchestrated humanity’s exodus from Earth, and is now nearing the end of her life. Due to the extreme time dilation around Gargantua, Cooper has aged only a few years when he sees Murph again. Older than him and nearing death, she advises him to seek out Amelia. Cooper agrees and sets off on a journey again. Meanwhile, on the mission’s final planet, Amelia is setting up a new colony for future humans to inhabit. She removes her helmet and breathes in the air, showing that the planet is capable of supporting human life.

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  1. First of all I appreciate the story of this film, it's a great film, but isme sirf ek hi galti he which is not acceptable. Aur woh ye he ki jab cooper space me gaya aur baki sab log earth par the to cooper aur unke bich ka time karibe 80 se 90 saal ka bit gaya. Aur socho un 80 se 90 saloo tak insan bache rahe earth par lekin scientists ke mutabik earth khatam hone wali thi lekin itne waqt tak usko kuch nahi hua. To mera bolne ka matlab ye he ki agar itna waqt hum insano ko dusre grah par bhejne ki bajaye agar earth par hi firse basane ke bare me sochte to shayad hum firse earth ko insano ke rehne layak bana sakte the. Kyunki humne hardly 55 se 60 years me hi itni technology hasik ki he socho aaj se 60 saal pehle kya tha hamare pass.

  2. Iski ma ka naka
    Jad bhagwan achanak se parkat hote hn to murkh log kahte hn ki ye to illogical h
    Agar Einstein kahe to science
    Agar bhagwan parshuram farsa marte hn or fir wo wapis unke hath me ata h to bolte hn ki ye illogical h
    Jab yhi kam odin'son thor kare to duniya ki sabse jyada kamai karne wali endgame ban jati h
    5th dimension ki baat krte hn bewkoof jabki hamare trikal darsi rishimuni or bhagwan ye sab bhot baar kr chuke hn jo sab kuch bhot pahle dekh chuke hn
    Pta nhi kya hoga is duniya ka
    Sara mood kharab ho gya ye sab dekh kr

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