iPhone 12 in 2023 – worth it? (Review)

iPhone 12 in 2023 – worth it? (Review)

iPhone 12 in 2023 – worth it? (Review)

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iPhone 12 in 2023 – worth it? (Review)
The iPhone 12 comes with 64gb and is barely less money than the 128gb iPhone 13- whereas the 12 Mini is no longer being sold by Apple. How does the iPhone 12 & 12 Mini hold up in 2023, and are they still worth it?

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0:00 – Bad Value
2:10 – Buying the iPhone 12 / 12 Mini
4:03 – Design & Hardware
7:52 – Camera & Tech Specs
11:01 – iPhone 12 in 2023


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  1. I have an iPhone 12. Roughly 9-10 months old, with 97% battery life (I play games a decent amount and live in an area where good cellular connection is scarce, which results in the battery draining quickly, thus the health of the battery going down faster than might happen normally.

    It still gets me through a the day quite easily. I took it off the charger at 6 O’clock am today and put it back on the charger around 5:50 pm when I went to go do something. It was at 56% then.

    As performance goes, it isn’t quite as powerful as my friend’s 14, which performs slightly better in games, but it’s still very capable. I can run Minecraft at 10 chunks without too much lag, and play most Roblox games without having to lower render distance. However, it does get pretty hot while doing this (something that is true even for my friend’s 14, which gets about the same temperature) so I generally remove the outer part of my Otterbox case to prevent too much heat from being trapped in & potentially damaging the battery.

    Overall, I think iPhone 12 would be a great option for people to buy were it not for the price. $600 for a 64GB phone is too much. I had a 64GB iPhone 8 before I got my 12, and it was a constant struggle to keep it from running out of storage.

    Those are my thoughts on the matter

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