iPhone 14 Pro: An Android User's Perspective!

iPhone 14 Pro: An Android User's Perspective!
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iPhone 14 Pro: An Android User's Perspective!
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Here is my in-depth review of the iPhone 14 Pro after using it as my everyday device for a month! And as a full-on Android enthusiast, it’s been an eye-opening experience to say the least.

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0:00 – Introduction
01:14 – Display
01:57 – Design
03:13 – Haptics
04:15 – Face ID
04:58 – Cameras
08:21 – RhinoShield
09:43 – Battery Life
10:42 – Dynamic Island
11:52 – Always On Display
13:16 – iOS 16 Issues
13:36 – iOS Customization
14:28 – iOS vs Android
16:38 – Final Thoughts
17:27 – Outro

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  1. i also have the 14 pro max along with the fold 4 , i must say i find ios boring , on android you can do any task a pc can but on a small screen , downloading movies and choosing which media player i want is perfect , apple have gone back to drm videos and audio i have a uk and dutch itunes account both with alot of movies but i cant watch my uk movies while signed in to my dutch account and viceversa its a pain to have to sign out eachtime i want to watch a movie from the other itunes store , to fix the problem i have to rebuy everything from one account to another which is too expensive , guess apple need the money , lucky i have my huge 7.6 inch inner display on my fold 4 for movies or for 4k movies no black bars or notches my xperia 1 mk3 is the best

  2. I've been an Android user for around 10 years. Started with the LG L3, moved to Xperia J, then part time Xperia M4 Aqua until my LG G3 arrived, then the S7 Edge and currently using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro. Currently waiting for my iPhone 14 Pro Max to arrive and I think that I'll never look back to Android. As a photographer I think it will ease my workflow and my life in general tbh.

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