iPhone 14 Pro Hidden Features!

iPhone 14 Pro Hidden Features!
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iPhone 14 Pro Hidden Features!
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The iPhone 14 Pro is finally here and along with a new iPhone comes lots and lots of secret hidden features! Apple left out many important details from their September 7th event, so let’s break down some of the biggest iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max features that you need to know about! Here’s a breakdown of changes to the camera, screen, dynamic island, and more!

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro –
iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14 – Don’t Make a Mistake! –

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  1. Nov1,2022 update: COVID19 breakout and sperade in Foxonn factory located in Zhengzhou province China. this factory produced most of the apple iphone product on the market. approx. 300K yong workers were locked inside the factory and with very few medical and food support form Foxconn and Chinese goverment. they need hepl right now~!

  2. You gave so much bad information! Comparing the 13 and 14 was a bad comparison….you did both in 12 mp. You should have shown that you have the option to change the 14 in the camera/ format to 48 mp… not even close! Even wrong about the ProRes video not being on the 128g 14 pro. Do your homework!

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