iPhone 15 — OFFICIALLY! Don’t buy iPhone 14 in 2022

iPhone 15 — OFFICIALLY! Don’t buy iPhone 14 in 2022
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iPhone 15 — OFFICIALLY! Don’t buy iPhone 14 in 2022
Today I will tell you about the upcoming iPhone 15 from Apple! Yes, just recently Apple presented the new iPhone 14, and there are already rumors about the future smartphone of this company! What colors will the new iPhone 15 come in, how long will its battery last, and how much will it cost? There are really many questions, but I will answer all of them! Is the iPhone 15 really going to be a mega cool smartphone compared to the iPhone 14? Watch this video from start to finish so you don’t make a big mistake when choosing an iPhone!

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  1. There is an easy way for Apple to test a non-charging port, MagSafe only scenario. Apple hasn’t been too bright as of late, so I will let them know how to do this. Convinced the major case makers to make two versions, one that utilizes the charge port, and one that is MagSafe only. And then look at market adoption for each. Then they will know what the success rate would be if they went to an all mag safe model. I recommend doing this for 2 to 3 consecutive years and see if the adoption rate increases every year to an optimal 85% . You’re welcome.

  2. The deadline for the USB-C thing is 2024, which means Apple can put out iPhone 15 & 16 with Lightning, so why exactly would they put USB-C in the iPhone 15 ?
    That just makes no sense, since they a) give a fuck about what people want b) it would be completely random, since they have 2 more years. They could've also put it in the iPhone13, if they wanted & c) they will make no money with USB-C, because there is no MFI.
    They will probably boost MagSafe over the next years and make a complete wireless charging phone with the iPhone17

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