iPhone Battery Health: Find Your REAL Percentage

iPhone Battery Health: Find Your REAL Percentage

iPhone Battery Health: Find Your REAL Percentage

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iPhone Battery Health: Find Your REAL Percentage
David & David react to a video titled “My iPhone Battery Health Increased from 88% to 94% by using this Battery Health Fix” and tell you the truth about the Maximum Capacity number in iPhone Battery Health.

🔋 Check your iPhone Battery Health with this Shortcut:

We dig into #iPhone analytics to show you how Maximum Capacity is calculated and how many charge cycles your iPhone has been through.

We’ll also teach you some real battery tips to help reduce the number of charge cycles your iPhone goes through so you can maintain 100% Battery Health for as long as possible.

1. Their “Method” [0:22]
2. Maximum Capacity & Battery Health [0:53]
3. More About Your Battery [2:45]
4. Get The Battery Stats Shortcut [4:06]
5. How Apple Measures Battery Health [4:32]
6. The Fake Battery App [7:08]
7. Real iPhone Battery Tips [9:25]
8. Optimize Battery Charging [10:30]
9. Background App Refresh [11:19]
10. Push Mail [12:06]
11. Closing Your Apps [12:43]
12. Auto-Brightness [13:16]
13. Always On Display [13:49]

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  1. Did they change something in an update or do you have to have the sharing of the analytics etc… on? As my Analytics and data section has no entries that say analytics it just has a bunch of "awdd" files followed by a date and then a bunch of other stuff but nothing says analytics?

  2. Yup. Those people you keep telling us that closing apps don’t help and drains more battery obviously don’t use their iPhones or don’t have YouTube Premium or have apps playing in the background.
    Plus, the apps usually refresh automatically depending on how many addition apps are in the background.

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