iPhone Connect Mobile app (only) - Unlock Instructions

iPhone Connect Mobile app (only) – Unlock Instructions
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iPhone Connect Mobile app (only) – Unlock Instructions
Unlock Instructions for all CIQ Devices
Android Unlock –

1. Have the mobile Garmin Connect App (GCM) open,
a.) connected to the watch
b.) In Connect, Watch Icon (top right) Green LED beside the watch
c.) Access to the internet either wifi or LTE.
d.) Leave Garmin Connect running on your phone or device.

2. At fbbbrown app at the “Start Screen” with the ‘b’
– the ‘b’ indicates the watch is connected to the phone GCM,

3. In Garmin Connect (GCM)
a.) Select watch Icon(top right),
b.) Select Activities,
c.) Apps & More,
d.) Activities & Applications,
e.) App to unlock,
f.) App Settings,
g.) Enter your email
h.) Save

4. Wait at the fbbbrown app start screen until the Red Bar disappears.
– (3-10 seconds).

If you are having a problem:
– Disable any Firewall, VPN or Ad Blocker.
– Restart your watch and verify if the information is entered correctly. Sometimes the information does not save the first time after a new install or update.
– Uninstall the app, restart the Garmin device twice and install again.
– Use Garmin Express, Uninstall the app, disconnect device, restart the Garmin device twice and install again.
– If the app reverts to trial mode enter your email again to unlock.

Useful Links:
Garmin Connect Mobile App Download –
Garmin IQ Store App Download –
Garmin Express Download –

fbbbrown CIQ App Store –
fbbbrown Troubleshoot/FAQ Page –
fbbbrown Terms and Conditions –
fbbbrown Privacy Notice –


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  1. Make sure that bluetooth is enabled & ON in the ConnectIQ app settings – not just Garmin Connect and/or iPhone master bluetooth. If it is not on in the app setting page for ConnectIQ you will not ever get the page where the email is requested to confirm purchase of the activity add-ons. Settings->ConnectIQ->Bluetooth (on)