iPhone SE 3 2022 Indian Unit Unboxing And First Impressions⚡iPhone 13 Pro Alpine Green First Look

iPhone SE 3 2022 Indian Unit Unboxing And First Impressions⚡iPhone 13 Pro Alpine Green First Look
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iPhone SE 3 2022 Indian Unit Unboxing And First Impressions⚡iPhone 13 Pro Alpine Green First Look
Friends, Today we are unboxing the iPhone SE 2022, which comes with same old design and screen but gets a huge performance upgrade with A15 chip. So do watch this video till the end and don’t forget to like and share this video.

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Check Out iPhone SE 2022 :

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Video Highlights
00:00 Introduction
00:30 iPhone SE 3 Unboxing
01:20 iPhone SE 3 In Hand Feel
02:22 iPhone SE 3 Display
02:38 iPhone SE 3 Camera
03:24 iPhone SE 3 Performance
04:09 iPhone SE 3 Battery

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  1. Confusing or whatever it is small and cute and comes with a home button and fingerprint… while costly iPhones don't have fingerprint for some reason and are huge… perfect to upgrade from older iPhones if you don't need latest techy things and are happy with minimal usage like calling, WhatsApp, reading e-books and articles, listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks etc. I just now upgraded from my years old 6s (yeah it lasted this long – Apple products are durable if you aren't careless yourself) and am loving it… though I wish Apple released with it more color options like other iPhone -blue or green for example… those look so cool 😍

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