iPhone XR in 2023 – Should You Buy It Still?

iPhone XR in 2023 – Should You Buy It Still?

iPhone XR in 2023 – Should You Buy It Still?

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iPhone XR in 2023 – Should You Buy It Still?
iPhone XR was the best selling phone in 2019 through 2021, but it has been updated to iPhone 11 and iPhone 14 with a Super Retina XDR. In this video I help you decide if iPhone XR is still worth buying in 2023. I go over the price, performance, battery life, cameras and more, how it compares to iPhone 13 Pro Max, and help you decide if you should keep your iPhone XR or buy iPhone XR in 2023. #iphonexr #apple #ios16

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00:00 – Intro
00:17 – iPhone XR launch
00:37 – Price and Colors
00:59 – Design and Durability
01:43 – Display
02:02 – PWM
03:48 – Speakers and Audio Samples
05:05 – Battery Life
06:46 – Performance
08:21 – Reception
08:42 – Camera
10:15 – iPhone 11 instead?
10:45 – IP Rating for Water and Dust Resistance
11:28 – Future iOS Updates
12:29 – Should You Still Buy iPhone XR?
13:09 – The Truth
13:34 – Conclusion

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  1. Don’t underestimate how bad the modem chip is in this model…. Awful and why I upgraded to a 13. In borderline reception areas (ie my flat) calls frequently either fail to make or fall over mid stream, even with WiFi calling enabled. No such issues in those same environments with the 13.
    On the positive side this and the 11 (afik) are the last option for those that can’t tolerate OLED flicker

  2. I currently am using the iPhone XR, I was thinking of upgrading to the 13 so I can give my brother my XR because he still has an android that keeps freezing, but need to find a new job but while I'm using it full time for my job (doordash) everyday I can say it works very well nothing wrong with it does everything you need a phone to do and more and my battery health is 85% and I use wireless charging it may not stick and hold onto the back but to make up for that and fix that problem U can buy a clear phone case with the magnetic ring on the back or you can take any thin phone case you want and buy a magnetic ring to stick inside your phone case

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